Immediate Assistance

Worried about food for you and/or your family, utilities scheduled for disconnection or already disconnected, unexpected car repair, short on rent, kids need school supplies, etc.? 

Let us help you, we know real life happens.


Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, always stressed or worried? Do you feel like the world is collapsing around you? Are you conflicted about your sexuality? Are you being bullied in school? Do you need someone to talk to in a judgement free zone? Are you a new parent feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Do you need guidance, a mentor, or someone that can relate? 

Let us help you, we’ve all been there.


Do you have kids that have never really had a birthday party or a Christmas with a tree and gifts? Do you have children that want to participate in extracurricular activities or afterschool sports but your budget does not support the fee or rides to and from practices? Are you a family that could use rental assistance to move out of a crime infested neighborhood? Are you an underserved young adult in college in need of books for school, a meal plan, etc.? 

Let us help you, we know these are “moments in time” you will not get back.